Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the mercy review

"The Mercy" by Beverly Lewis is the third book in a trilogy, The Rose Trilogy.  Rose, of course, being the central character.  Rose is an Amish (Old Order)  girl.  She is getting dangerously close to becoming too old for marriage, but cannot seem to find the right man for the job.  In this trilogy, you must read all of the books and in order to follow along.  In this review I will try and stick with the third book but give you a little background information so that you can also know what is what.  Rose has a mother who is wheelchair bound and in severe pain.  In this book she deals with surgery to correct her pain.  (She is allergic to pain meds.)  This goes on through out both parts of the book.  In the first part, Hen, Rose's sister, is coming to terms with her decision to leave her Englisher husband and move back to Plain life.  She is starting to rethink her all-or-nothing stand and hopefully her husband (now blind) will back down on his.  Part two is Rose's love life.  Who will she chose?  Will she chose anyone?  Can she live a fullfilled life without a man in her life?
I usually am not fond of Amish books.  I am however, fond of Beverly Lewis and her Amish books.  Her books are like a soap opera in that nothing is what it seems and life is full of surprises and choices and what is God gonna through at you next.  This book has such a good ending.  You are gonna love it.  I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers.

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