Saturday, November 12, 2011

london blitz diary review

I received "World War II London Blitz Diary Vol. 1" by Ruby Side Thompson for free from  This book is an as-is diary written by a middle aged woman living in London during Sept 1, 1939- December 31, 1940.  During this time World War II starts for England and progresses.  Ruby writes of daily things at first: shopping, reading, her husband.  She writes about her husband a lot.  She really gets with complaining about her husband.  About half way through the book she takes an abrupt switch to writing primarily about the war and her situation in it. 
This book lets on like it is a World War II diary and in the second half that is the case, but not the first. The first half is mainly her bitching about her husband.  All The Time.  She does talk of other things once in awhile, but really, the book should have been editted to cut out some of it, just to let the reader know the writer, but not bombard them with complaining.  It is a diary.  The point of it is to complain.  But that doesn't make for good reading.  The second half is war, raids, isolation, rations, and of course complaining about her husband.  However, with as little sleep as she was getting and the whole "am I gonna die" thing she had going I am surprised she could write as well as she did.  It seemed such an exhausting life!  Interesting read.

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