Tuesday, December 13, 2011

house of secrets review

I received "House of Secrets" by Tracie Peterson for free from Bethany House Publishers.  This novel centers around the Coopers and their house of secrets.  There are three girls (women actually, they are in their 20's), their deceased mentally ill mother, their absent father, and 15 years of secrets and trauma.  The girls' father remarries and plans a family reunion at their summer cottage in Seattle.  The girls believe that their father killed their mother to protect them from her illness when they were children and never mention to him that they know.  He also never mentions her illness and believes that they do not know she was ill.  This story is about how all the secrets come out while they are in Seattle and what are they going to do about them? 
You may think that burying something of this magnitude would never happen, but I have married into one of these families (not the murder part, the secrets part)  and yes.  Huge things will go unmentioned for years because "its a secret".  Why?  No idea.  And that is what happens in this story.  One secret after another is exposed and the family is realing.  This is a pretty good book.  It gets a little preachy.  If you can't stand being hit over the head with Christianity than this is not the book for you.

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