Thursday, December 8, 2011

his steadfast love review

I received "His Steadfast Love" by Golden Keyes Parsons (an e-book) for free from  This novel takes place in Texas during the Civil War.  Amanda Belle is a Southerner with a soldier-aged brother, Daniel and a beau, Kent, who is stationed in Texas but from the North.   Shortly after the book starts, the Civil War breaks out, sending Daniel to fight for the South and Kent back North.  The story follows the Amanda as she is torn between her loyalties to her country and her budding abolitionist beliefs.  She also plays both sides in serving Kent and Daniel's causes. 
This is not a real deep book.  It sticks with the niceties and doesn't get to involved in any particular issue.  It is mostly a romance.  Again, not racy or even particularly passionate.  It is a  nice, tame romance, fit for any age. 

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