Wednesday, December 28, 2011

babylons falling review

I received "Babylons Falling" by William G. Collins for free from  Babylons Falling is the story of Belteshazzar, also known as Danniyel.  This story follows Danniyel from the Old Testament from the time of Judah's exile by the Babylonians to the time of his death in fictional format.  It not only follows the highlights of his life covered in the Bible, but also gives background in ancient politics and geography of the Babylon/Egypt/Persia region. 
I liked this book ok.  I am studying the Old Testament in a Bible study so this helped me discover more from this time period and understand better what was going on.  However, it really would only strike the interest of someone who is interested in the Old Testament or this time period.  There isn't much else going on.  Not a  lot of action or romance. Nothing deeply personal.  However, if this is an area you are studying, than this is a book that you need to read.

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