Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prowl review

PROWL (LRRP Ranger Vietnam volumes 1-5)  by RW Holeman (e-book) was given to me for free from  This is the collection of 5 shortstories that go together in chronological order.  This is a quick read (one night) and it is a good book.  It follows the main character (weird I can't recall his name, nor find it) as he goes to Vietnam during '69 and serves in the army first as an infantry then as a scout.  The author describes his writing as autobiographical fiction.  It's all true with a little embellishing for flare. 
These Vietnam books written by veterans are such a surprise.  You read along on everyday books, then open one of these up and its like being smacked in the head.  They just open up and tell it to you like it is.  I love it.  The only problem with this one is sometimes the reader could be confused if he or she isn't familiar with army talk.  Luckily I've read up on the military and have family that have served so I wasn't too lost.  Highly recommed this, especially if Vietnam is an interest of yours.

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