Saturday, December 10, 2011

journey to christmas review

Usually I post book reviews, but this time I'm doing a dvd.  I received "Journey to Christmas" from Tyndale House for free.  This dvd is 4 episodes of a documentary of the journey of 5 diverse people (they don't know each other before the trip) to Isreal to walk in the journey of Christmas.  Of the five people, one is an artist born in Africa who grew up with both protestant and orthodox catholic parents, one is a white christian looking to deepen her faith, one is a man whose father was raised Jewish and his mother was raised Catholic yet he was raised with neither faith, one is a Canadian Indian who was raised Christian but with "white" stigma attached to Jesus, and one is a spiritual radio show host who is struggling with his present beliefs. 

This story follows this group through all the sights of the birth story as well as some of Jesus' life and crucifixtion.  This is an amazing dvd.  I would highly recommend it to anyone of any faith including athiesm.  The historical and geographical factors alone make it an insightful and entertaining piece of work.

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