Saturday, November 24, 2012

Autumn winds review

"Autumn Winds" by Charlotte Hubbard is the second in the Seasons of the Heart Series.  The first was "Summer of Secrets"  which I have read and reviewed earlier.  After reading the first one, I wished I hadn't already agreed to read the second because it was pretty bad.  However, the second surprised me.  Hubbard was no longer trying to out Amish the Amish and was starting to right  a story.  Even more surprisingly she decided to write about romance and sexual longing.  And she was writing it very well.  Her characters were evolving into people rather than just Amish stereotypes. Which I didn't see coming.  In "Autumn Winds" Miriam is still fighting off the unwanted advances of the bishop as well as trying to get a little something started with Ben, the new guy in town.  The bishop is getting his due, Ben's aunts are shaking things up, and Rhoda is getting to now herself better as her youth passes her by.  Keep in mind, that she is only 21 and there will probably be two more books.  I just hope she comes into her own before getting hitched.  I received this book for free from

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