Sunday, November 18, 2012

east salem 2 review

"Darkness Rising" by Lisa Wiehl, is the second book in the East Salem series.  And NO!, it's not about Batman.  Darkness Rising is a paranormal book about demons and angels and control over the world.  Dani and Tommy, a psychologist and ex-football player turned PI, respectively, have mostly solved the murder from the first novel in the series, Waking Hours, and are now searching for the solution to the mystery in the supernatural aspect of it.  A demon has come between the two characters, while they round up their exes and friends to hunt down evil.  It is a pretty good book.  A lot of it is really involved medically.  You wind up skimming over a lot of it unless you are a neurologist or something you won't understand some of it.  Could get boring if you aren't interested in that sort of thing.  If you read the first, you will want to read the second.  I wouldn't say the first ins mandatory to reading the second. I received this book for free from

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