Friday, November 30, 2012


November, November, November.  We had Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for things like family and all that, but also the small stuff like cappuccino, and money, and indoor plumbing, books, clean water, etc.
This month I read 10 books.  I am getting a little behind on my review books.  But I got some done this month.
Love in Disguise- Carol Cox
Summer of Secrets- Charlotte Hubbard
Heavenly Temptation- Becca Fisher
Yellow Birds- Kevin Powers
Wettest County in the World- Matt Bondurant
Darkness Rising- Lisa Wiehl
Sinner's Creed- Scott Stapp
Autumn Winds- Charlotte Hubbard
Lady of the Rivers- Philippa Gregory
The Purple Shroud- Stella Duff
One was audio, four were digital, and 5 were paper.  This year I have read about half and half as far as digital vs paper goes and I can say that both are necessary depending on the situation.  As far as reading itself goes, it doesn't really matter.  The best book this month is probably a tie between "Yellow Birds" and "Wettest County"  Wettest County is the movie Lawless.  In case you are looking for a short cut.

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