Thursday, November 8, 2012

heavenly temptation review

"Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)" by Becca Fisher is a short story romance.  It takes less than an hour to read so it's great for your phone or whatever when you are waiting for something.  It is about Allison, an Amish woman, and Luke, a Philadelphian, who meet in a quilt shop and fall in love.  The love story is very sweet and charming.  It is, however, incredibly rushed.  But it's a short story, so ya gotta move quick.  Allison's sister is Abigail, who has left the Amish church for marriage to an outsider.  Her father, seems to only care about Abigail, leaving Allison to fall for an Englisher of her own.  The question is, Is Luke out for what he can get, or is it truly love?  We shall see.
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