Thursday, November 8, 2012

high calling

I can't help it, when I hear the words High Calling, I think of that scene in "Dead Poets Society" when Newanda goes "It's God calling.  He says we should have girls at Chatum."  This is kinda nothing like that. is a site that unites Christian bloggers.  Now, I am a Christian, and I am a blogger, but it seems to be more of a blogging about Christianity kinda thing going on.  They have a home page kinda like facebook, where you can check in on the newest blogs related to Christianity.  I didn't read all of them.  It also offers daily and weekly e-mails and audio blogs as well.  I was to review the e-newsletter.  The archives had 2008s newsletters available.  I read several of those.  It mostly keeps up to date on new methods and such of communication with bloggers and social media networks.  Twitter and facebook being two of those that are included on this site.  It seems pretty interesting for a die-hard Christian.  I don't mean that is a so and so is more of a Christian as rather one who does it for a living: a Christian writer, speaker, pastor, etc.  I think it would be a great uniter in that field.  I received the e-mail for referral for this website from Handlebar Publishing. 

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