Monday, December 2, 2013


November seems to drag on.  Over the month I held Thanksgiving at my house, celebrated my Heart baby's 9th birthday!  Nine!  She was never supposed to make 9 and yet here she is.  She is a vibrant, enthusiastic, happy little girl who loves Barbies, reading history, American Girl dolls, and bowling.  I also read 8 books.  Seven were paper and one was digital.
Unbreakable- Nancy Mehl
A Plain Disappearance- Amanda Flowers
12 of Never- James Patterson (not his best)
Mistress- james Patterson (one of his best)
The coffin Quilt- Ann Rinaldi
Killing Cynthia Ann- Charles Brashear (good but sooo depressing)
Red Sky Morning- Steve Wilson
The Captive Heart- Dale Cramer
Dale Cramer is now one of the very few Amish writers I will read.  I really like his writing.  The Coffin Quilt was also very good.

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