Wednesday, December 11, 2013

unforeseeable review

If Kingdom, Kansas were a real town I would probably steer clear of it.  It is supposedly a haven for modern-day Mennonites. A safe haven it is not.  "Unforeseeable" is book 3 in the Road to Kingdom series.  It isn't necessary to read the other two first.  In this novel, a serial killer is on the loose near/in Kingdom.  Twenty years before the killer had killed a number of women.  He then stopped only to return and start again.  As the women are being killed the deaths become more and more personal to the town of Kingdom.  Callie, the main character, has a personal reason for finding the killer.  Levi, her preaching fiancé, is the prime suspect, and she, his only alibi.
Though Kingdom might me a magnet for violence and per capital not very believable, the story line is still a page turner.  The reader is drawn in and gets wrapped up in the saga that is Kingdom.  The main fault would be that the Callie character thinks, speaks, and acts like Hope, the main character from book 2.  So much so that I had to look up my review of it and look up her name to see if it was the same girl.  The author, Nancy Mehl, could have done more to differentiate her leading ladies.  The plot is nice and mysterious, the drama like a roller coaster going from romantic to frightening in a heartbeat.  Despite the flaws, I really liked this book.  B.  I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers.  

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