Friday, February 13, 2015

always on my mind review

"Always on My Mind" by Susan May Warren is the 5th in the Christiansen Family series.  I have read the first book, but not the others and had no trouble following the story.  The Christiansens are a family that live in Minnesota, the land of freezing cold. The novel follows Casper, the middle brother, who lives to save the day.  Whether you want him to or not.  Casper had fallen in love with Raina the summer before only to discover that she had had a one night stand with his brother, Oscar.  After a fist throwing argument, Casper leaves Minnesota for Honduras to do a little treasure hunting.  Upon returning, discovers that that one night stand had resulted in a very pregnant Raina.  Casper and Raina begin to start over with separate and fresh lives.  The novel also follows a 1920's mystery to keep the suspense going and linking Raina and Casper together. 
The Christiansens have a bit of a God-complex.  They tend to see their way as the only way and that they can do anything and everything.  As life throws them fastballs, they, especially Casper, begins to figure out that only God can be God and that they can only do and control so much.  Now that I have read the first and last of this series, I am bummed that I have missed the rest.  They are definitely going on my TBR list.  The Christiansens are, while flawed, still very interesting.  They are loving, irritating, sometimes the underdogs, the heroes, well, they are a family like anybody else's.  The novel leaves you wanting more. Though it is a Christian novel, the author never becomes preachy.  It is a matter of fact, the Christiansens happen to be Christian.   I give this 4 stars and highly recommend it.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Tyndale Blog Network. 

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  1. Love this series and cannot wait for the next novel. Amelia's story already promises to be as great as her siblings after that fabulous tease at he end of this book. :)