Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meyer's fruit teaching

"Fruit of the Spirit: How to Water God's Word in Your Life & Relationships" by Joyce Meyer is a seven CD teaching on Fruit of the Spirit involving Love, Faithfulness, self-control, gentleness, patience, peace, kindness, and joy.  Also included is a DVD and application book.  The first CD is the audio of the DVD, so I would recommend listening to the CDs first, then getting a recap of the first with the DVD.  The application book has lots of scripture and some reflective questions.  The scriptures are very short, but many in number.  If you are one to look up bible readings in book format, you might want to switch over to a website for easier look up to cut back on the frustration of constantly searching.  I used www.bibletools.org on a tablet. 
Joyce Meyer's strong suit is speaking.  Even if you were an atheist (which you wouldn't be for long after listening to these CDs), I would recommend you listen to Meyers for the common sense and advice alone.  She has a matter of fact way of speaking that really gets through to the listener.  Her teachings are clear and to the point.  There is no wishy-washy to it.  I  highly recommend these CDs to anyone searching for answers and to anyone wanting to get closer to God and what is expected of us here.  I received this teaching from Jody's Book Review giveaway.

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