Wednesday, February 4, 2015

women of the word review

"Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin is an in depth how-to book on bible study.  This is not a book for beginners.  This is a book for those that are ready to really get in there on their bible study.  Wilkin is easy to relate to (for women anyway, can't speak for men).  She breaks down the process of both reading and understanding the bible the way it was meant to be read.  She will get you really into the meaning behind the words.  It is a lengthy book, however, so it isn't for the lazy.  I would highly recommend it for anyone preparing to lead a study or considering making teaching their occupation.  Or of course, anyone really wanting to get to know their bible.  The writing is excellent.  She makes it easy to understand.  If the point of one book is to be able to read the other, you don't want the first to be difficult as well, right? Though the book is aimed at women, the methods used expand across all sexes.   I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Beyond the Page.

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