Sunday, February 22, 2015

woodland review

"A Woodland Miracle" by Ruth Reid is an Amish Wonders Novel.  This is the second in the series and doesn't need to be read in order.  In Woodland, Grace has the early signs of muscular dystrophy and is making a go of it in Michigan at a lumber camp.  Ben, is an Amish rebel from Florida,  upon committing a little trespassing, following some questionable behavior with an Amish girl, Ben is sent to Michigan for some time to reflect.  Grace and Ben meet and begin a love/irritate romance. 
I really like Reid's Amish books.  I usually don't even get through Amish books, but I really like hers.  In the new series, the characters have their trials and are aided through God and His miracles.  In this book, Grace has been kidnapped and must be saved.  God is there to help Ben do it.  In Woodland, the locations of the characters is not your usual Amish scene.  Florida is sort of an Amish Vegas and Michigan is a secluded area with little interaction.  Therefore, it was an interesting take on the Amish usual.  If you like Amish fiction but are getting a little bored with the same old same old, than I recommend this novel.   I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from

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