Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ishbane existance

"The Ishbane Conspiracy" by Angela, Karina, & Randy Alcorn is a novel of the battle between good and evil that is being played out in teens: Jillian, Ian, Brittany, and Rob.  The chapters alternate between the goings on of the four teens and the demons that are assigned agent style to each kid.  Jillian's father has recently died and though she goes to church she isn't really into Christianity.  Ian is a jock who is rather obsessed with spiritualism and yet knows next to nothing about Christianity.  Brittany is a smart and popular girl who likes herself enough for everybody.  And Rob is a newfound Christian, who seems to have put Christianity into a contest. 
I didn't really like this book.  The kids are INDREDIBLY spiritual.  As in all spirits! They know about tarot cards, palm reading, Wicca, Hindu, anything.  My husband and I have 7 kids and 6 have been or currently are teenagers and they were never this into spiritualism.  The kids in the book know a lot about all kinds.  You name a crystal and they can give you an expert report.  Almost as if the novel was written by a champion occult googler.  There is a repeated theme of gloom and hopelessness in the novel.  Probably the demon presence has too much force.  The demons and angels are written in a style of angel and devil on the shoulder.  I have read that style display before, but have never really viewed it that way myself.  This isn't a poorly written book.  It is a well written book, but it isn't for me.  We didn't click at all.  I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Multnomah

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