Sunday, February 8, 2015

spouses with benefits

"Rescued By a Wedding" is a Marriage of Convenience novel from Harlequin written by Kathleen O'Brien and Melinda Curtis.  It is two romance novels: "Texas Wedding" and "A Marriage Between Friends".  If the sex was a salsa I would rank it a medium.  It's somewhere between sweet and porn.  Just right, I'd say.  Both stories have  some similarities.  Both have women in their late twenties that are stuck ten years in the past.  Both can't seem to move on.  Both women also have married men in order to bail themselves out of a jam.  Both women start off pretty crabby.
In Texas, Susannah must be married for one year in order to inherit the ranch that she has lived on all of her life and has been running alone.  She married Trent, an ex-high school boyfriend, who has been taking the blame for the death of Paul, a friend in common of the two, for 11 years.  She's a pretty unhappy woman.  So many things stand in their way to reunion:  little sisters, ex one-night stands, stalkers, etc.  The two have a lot to work out. 
In Between Friends, Jill and Vince have gotten married right out of high school when Jill realizes she is pregnant after a date-rape with another guy.  Jill then leaves Vince.  Fast forward 10 years and a casino deal has brought the two together on opposite sides of the deal.  The two battle it out on both fronts struggling to put the past behind them and decide a future with or without the other.
This is a pretty good romance.  I recommend it to pretty much any woman. The authors keep with the tried and true formula of a romance, yet, they throw in some comedy (especially Curtis) and add some flavor of action and mystery.   I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from The Sweet Team.

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