Tuesday, January 3, 2012

whither thou goes review

I received "Whither Thou Goest, I will Go" by Naomi Dathan for free from http://www.librarything.com/.  I picked this book for one reason:  some of it takes place in Kansas.  Since I am from Kansas, I usually read books with Kansas as the location since most authors do not find Kansas interesting enough to write about.  This is an incredibly good book.  I loved this.  It starts in St. Paul shortly after the Civil War with Seth, an army officer, and Jem, a spoiled daddy's girl.  Daddy calls all the shots in this marriage, including how to raise Charley, Jem and Seth's son.  He bought their house, gives Jem an allowance, hires their help, everything.  When her father gets caught with his hands in the Army's cookie jar, Seth and Jem must sell the house and move.  Seth decides they are going to Kansas.  He actually winds up in Nebraska because the house is across the state line.  They move and start a new life.  One that Seth thinks he will control and start to call the shots.  God has other plans.

Jem is a wonderful fictional character.  She is soooo dramatic and funny.  She cracks me up even when she is being horrible.  Against her will, she toughens up and matures into a valuable woman.  Her character alone is reason enough to hope for this book to be a series. The end will stun you.   The only thing I did not like was the format.  I hadn't read carefully enough to see that the format was for an i-pad.  I have a kindle.  I do have an android so I could read it that way and also online through http://www.biblia.com/.  The author sets up an account for you all you need to do is supply a password and read.  Still, would rather a mobi format. Love this!  5 Stars.

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