Wednesday, January 11, 2012

daily gifts of grace review

I received "Daily Gifts of Grace" by Women of Faith, an e-book, from for free.  This book is a 365 day devotional.  Each day has a verse, message, and prayer from a different woman involved with Women of Faith.  I don't have a lot of experience with Women of Faith, so there were plenty of names I didn't recognize, but also several that I did.  I would imagine that some of the names would be familiar even if one never read christian work for instance Lisa Welchel, otherwise known as Blair.  Yes, that Blair.  The one with the "briiiiliant ideas." 
I really like this devotional.  I do devotions on a daily basis to keep my faith in order, so to speak.  I have before when reviewing a devotional, read the whole thing and then reviewed it; but I found that that missed the point.  With this one I read the daily for 2 weeks so that I got a feel for how it would go.  I really liked it, especially getting a different author everyday.  (well almost, there are some repeats, it is 365 days, ya know).  But I find in some devotionals, I get tired of one person's opinion all the time. This was refreshing.

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