Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Challenge

As near as I can tell, I read 128 books last year.  Not counting children's books that I read to my daughter.  I went through my library histories and looked at my Goodreads account and went through the blog and have come to this total as a near a guess as I can get.  Now that is about 10 and a half books a month.  Is that a lot?  Some of these books were actually listened to on CD or MP3.  While looking at other book bloggers I see that they are challenging themselves to clear up to 300 books in 2012!  That's 25 books a month! Yeesh, I would think their butts would be full of bedsores!  I am not sure I could read 300 books in a year.  I have three kids that are in sports, 4-H, band, choir, MYF, art, etc; I am involved in our church doing Sunday School and VBS and a little mission work on the side; I run a business for my husband; I am going back to excercising every day (or at least 4 days a week); I also help with the community library in the summer.  These are all things I think are important. But am I doing too much?  Sometimes I just don't want to go one more place!!!  I am not sure I would want to read 300 books a year.  So what does the average person read a year?  What does the average reader read a year?  What is average?  These are all things I wanna know.  hmmmmm, I thought I should increase my book reading this year, now I am wondering if I should decrease it.  Maybe I shouldn't wonder so much.

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