Wednesday, January 4, 2012

la desperada review

This is a renamed older book that is advertised as a western.  Which technically it is, I guess.  It does take place in West, but it really is a romance.  Sorta.  It is kind of in the tradition of the paperback novels that my grandma reads.  She would probably like this book. It focuses on this outlaw, Coulter, and his revenge from his younger days being taken out on a string of men that he kills.  They of course, have it coming.  And Elizabeth, the wife of a drunk and a brother-in-law who is mean and nasty.  Then she takes off with the outlaw because of her circumstances with the brothers she lives with.
 I am not a fan of romances.  At least not the can't stand each other yet  can't keep their pants on type.  The leading man is the traditional moody, got issues guy; the leading lady is the wimp that they try to pull off as tough type.  It seemed to drag on and take forever to read.  Not my type, didn't really like it.  I recieved this e-book for free from

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