Tuesday, January 31, 2012

february 2012

January's out and February's in.  As of this day in 2012 I have read 9 books and am half way through another.  I will count that in February.  What have I read you ask?  Well, let's see: 
Whither Thou Goest (highly recommend that one);
 Christmas Singing;
 Full of Sugar Plums (normally LOVE Stephanie Plum, didn't like this book);
The Garden of Ruth;
and Breach of Trust.
 This month was a little heavy on the biblical. 
On to February!  This month is American Women Heart Health month, the 3rd is Wear Red for Women Day, the 7-14th is is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, and the 14th is World Congenital Heart Defect Day and National Women's Heart month. Soooo, wear your pins, your red shirts, buy your Diet Coke (they are a big supporter of Go Red) and change your facebook profile pic to a heart or heart survivor.  Don't forget these very important days!

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