Saturday, December 15, 2012

full disclosure review

"Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson is a novel about two over achievers who meet while solving crime.  Falcon is an FBI agent in Chicago who is trying to solve an incredibly cold case about a murder-for-hire who has 30 murders under the belt.  She's not likely to get caught unless she wants to.  Ann is a cop Falcon meets and decides she is the wife he needs.  Ann is describes by her friends to Falcon as a this deep, complex woman.  In real life, she would be described as a little weird.  Falcon and Ann not only are trying to solve the Lady Shooter, but they are also trying to solve the conspiracy of a former Vice President of the USA and his kidnapping cover up. 
The edition I read is an unpublished manuscript dated May 2012 that I received this fall.  It was released in October.  I am assuming some of the discrepancies were fixed between the two.  For instance, there are a couple wrinkles in time.  An example would be that when Falcon, who is 39, was adopted at 9, the first thing his father gave him was a phone with all of his siblings programed in and the phone rang constantly. In 1983, no 9 year old had a cell phone, not even a rich one is Chicago.  Maybe he got a house phone, but then why would it be ringing when they were all in the same house?  There are also a lot of cases going on as well as a love story.  The book flows evenly between the romance and the cases, intertwining the story lines.  I really liked Falcon, but I thought Ann was a strange; I kept thinking she would wind up being one of the killers.  Anyway, I liked the writing, liked the story lines, didn't like the damsel in distress.  I received this book for review from courtesy of Bethany House.

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