Monday, December 31, 2012


In 2012 I read 110 books.  One of the things I wanted to see was my percentage of digital vs paper.  62% of the books read were paper, 34% were digital either by kindle or Adobe X, and 4% were audio.  I have discovered some authors new to me this year that I will continue to read:  Brad Meltzer, Ruth Reid, Cliff Graham, and kathy Reichs.  Of course there are a few that I already know and love that I read this year too:  Lee Child, David Ellis, Beverly Lewis, and Jennifer Weiner.  Here are my best of 2012 awards:

Best nonfiction
All around:  Travels With Charley (you really must read that one)
War:  The Liberator and Band of Brothers
Historical:  Conversations about JFK

Best Fiction
All around:  Raylan
Romance:  Whither Thou Goest, I will Go
War:  Johnny's War and Yellow Birds
Historical:  Wettest County in the World

Best author: John Steinbeck.  yes, he's been around awhile and he is dead.  But his book was the best one I read of the year. Gotta go to him.
Best discovered author:  Kathy Reichs
Best audio:  Red Queen

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