Friday, December 21, 2012

more amish

In November, I read and reviewed "Heavenly Temptation" a short story by Becca Fisher.  Today I have finished "Amish Romance Boxed Set 1-4" by Becca Fisher courtesy of  The boxed set is a collection of short stories; Heavenly Temptation, being one of them.  Heavenly Temptation is story 2, about Allison, an Amish girl who finds love outside of the faith and brings it into the Amish community.  The other three stories in Romanced Boxed Set, are the stories of her two sisters and then the summary of the three coming back together.  As a short story each story is fine on its own.  The romances are a lot rushed, but they have to be short, so whatta gonna do?  However, as a collection they run on to boring.  Each story has pretty much the same storyline.  They also use the word 'hunk' a lot.  Which bugs me.  The romances when grouped together are awkwardly rushed and seem too unreal.  Almost like they saw each other for the first time and said "hey, wanna fall in love and get married?"  "yeah, sure, I got nothing else going on."  No romance really to be had.  I would recommend the stories be interwoven into one novel and maybe change up the dilemma that is each one.  The whole "leave the community" thing is a bit over done.

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