Tuesday, December 11, 2012

goldberg review

"Goldberg Variations" by Susan Isaacs, is a novel centering around Gloria Goldberg (Garrison) and her three estranged grandchildren, Matt, Daisy, and Raqual.  All three grandchildren are in their twenties and from New York.  Gloria lives in New Mexico and runs her own multi-million dollar company, Glory, which is a sort of portable beauty shop in the Southwest.  Gloria is a hag.  I could put it worse, which would be more accurate, but Amazon won't let people say the b-word on their site.  Her grandkids are a little like her, but a lot nicer.  As you get to know Gloria better, you keep thinking that there is some reason she's a hag, like something in her childhood, but no, she's just mean.  A real mean old lady. 
There really isn't much plot to be had here.  The three come to New Mexico to meet their grandmother and she wants one to take over the company.  They tell her no.  Each chapter takes a turn in each of the characters heads.  You basically go through their thoughts on each other throughout the weekend.  It seemed to drag towards the end, because even though the character development is phenomenal, there isn't a big ending to bring it together.  I love it till the end. Then I'm like, well....... I guess that's the end.  I received this e-book for free from www.edelweissabovethetreeline.com

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