Thursday, December 20, 2012

rare earth review

"Rare Earth" by Davis Bunn was given to me in exchange for an honest review by Bethany House.  "Rare Earth" is the second book in the Mark Royce series.  You do not need to have read the first at all to follow the second.  I really like his new series.  I have tried to read a few of Bunn's romances that he co-wrote but none of them held my interest.  This series is totally different from that.  It is about a man, Mark Royce, who is an accountant and widower.  He somehow gets tied into the White House and undercover work globewide through the UN to rescue the innocent and bring down international criminals.  The how he got tied into the White House part of the story is a little murky.  What's not murky is the research on the countries that Mark travels to and the knowledge of the land and cultures. In this novel he goes to Africa.  You will know by the end, you do not want to go to Africa. Royce is a Christan "James Bond" kinda guy so to speak.  There's a woman in every country, but she is always treated with respect and he never has sex with her.  The fights like a true soldier, but doesn't kill.  I would say this is a "guy" book, but enjoyable by women as well.  I hope he writes more of this series.  I'm a liking Royce.

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