Monday, April 29, 2013

All My Children

As everyone knows, today is the day that All My children has been risen and brought back to us.  It started playing online on Hulu.  I started watching this show at birth and watched on and off throughout my life.  As far as the new online version I must say it is something like, the Count got a hold of a '57 Chevy and souped it up big time.  The show has everything that made it a classic plus a lot of chrome and flames to make it a show piece.  Here is the scoop: Pine Valley has jumped 5 years ahead, with all of the kiddos having grown up and ready to do the heavy lifting.  It runs half an hour instead of one; it still has commercials, but not as many or as long. It still has the big guns (David and the Hubbards), but has weeded out all of the characters that were filler before. The down side is there is no Erica, but Adam is back, so hey.  Since they are online, you can watch anytime, you don't have to wait for 12 or Soapnet.  They also don't have to stick to the daytime rules.  They can be as sexy as they wanna be and have artistic freedoms (cussing and innuendos), yet still classy enough not to get carried away with it.  Oh, and Petey.  Yes, Petey is my new boyfriend. 
I will definitely be watching this daily.  Probably at my lunch hour, just for old time's sake.

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