Monday, April 29, 2013

julianne review

"Julianne" (Book One in Coastal chronicles) by Rebekah Lyn is a novel about a woman in her twenties living on the East Coast who has finally finding herself.  Julianne is a telemarketer who is a Public Relations wanna be.  She has the degree, now she needs the opportunity.  She is also surrounded by men.  All love her and want to take care of her.  Julianne grows up in this story both in the career and the man department.  She is also introduced to God, Whom she knows little about, but is interested.
This is a pretty quick read.  The Julianne character is fairly well developed, but the men tend to blend.  It is also well researched.  I didn't realize how little I knew about the theater.  I would recommend this book for a young adult: late teens, early twenties, leaning more towards women.  I would classify it as a beach read.  Easy to read and yet entertaining. I received this book for free from the author through

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