Wednesday, April 3, 2013

sinners and the sea review

"Sinners and the Sea" by Rebecca Kanner is the untold story of Noah's wife.  In the bible Noah's wife has no name, and in the novel she has no name.  She is called whatever her relationship is with the person speaking or 'Demon Woman'.  The novel not only covers the well known story of the building of the ark and the flood, but also a fictional account of Demon Woman's life as a child with a mark (birthmark) and the agony of growing up in a society that keeps her separate from them. 
Most of this book is really good.  Again, the account of Demon Woman is very fictional, most of which has no biblical basing.  This is what could have happened.  In a world of sinners, thieves, murderers, and prostitutes, there is no lack of drama being had in this novel.  Even the ark gets pretty exciting.  There is an area in the middle of the book that hits a rather dull stretch, but most of the novel is well written and realistic.  I received this book for free from the publisher Howard Books.

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