Sunday, April 7, 2013

veggie tales

I received "The Little House that Stood" a Veggie Tales DVD for free from and showed it to my Sunday School class.  As a teacher, I thought it was funny in a way that the kids didn't get, but still appropriate.  The movie was 48 minutes long and included the House on a solid foundation parable using the three little pigs nursery rhyme.  This was a good way to introduce parables as well as this specific lesson.  A short of the Humpty Dumpty prequel was also included. A word of advice, don't show both stories together, it makes it too long for a class.  We also used printout color pages that were found on pintrist. Here is the review of one member of the class.
Sarah-8:  It was good.  I liked the Humpty Dumpty story best.
So there you have it.  It is good.

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