Thursday, April 18, 2013

the hatfields and mccoys review

I listened to "The Hatfields and McCoys" written by Otis Rice and read by Dick Hill while I was at work.  This is a very interesting and extremely well researched story.  I love the whole family feud saga and the time in history in which it happened.  Anything you want to know about the Hatields and McCoys is in this book as well as history of that area and political issues of the times.  Very good book.  However, I would not recommend listening to it.  Not Dick's fault, he is great as a narrator, but there is so much detail in this book that it is hard to follow in your head.  There isn't a lot of imagery.  I have recently watched the mini-series on TV with Kevin Costner (you must watch that BTW) and that helped with the imagery in my head.  I would highly recommend reading this book.  I received this audio for free from

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