Friday, June 28, 2013

german suitcase review

This  is a pageturner!  "The German Suitcase" by Greg Dinallo is a novel about a New York advertising woman who finds a suitcase in the trash and leads her to come up with a luggage sales idea.  The suitcase is discovered to be the lost bag of Jake Epstein, a Jewish doctor and Holocaust survivor.  The novel tells the story of Jake and his best friend Max, an SS officer, who is also a doctor and works undercover to save Jews. 
The book goes back and forth between present-day New York and WWII era Germany with each chapter taking a turn.  This is one of those books that you stay up to read into the night. You want to know what happens.  You wonder about it when you aren't reading it.  That being said, I didn't especially like the end.  For one thing, it never said how the luggage got in the trash in the first place.  However, this book is definitely worth the read. I highly recommend it.  A-.  I got this book for free from

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