Tuesday, June 11, 2013


"Thanksgiving 1942" is the second in the WWII series by Alan Simon.  I have not read the first and didn't need to to follow this one.  The novel follows the Coleman family on Thanksgiving break of 1942, shortly before the older Coleman brothers go overseas in the USAAF.  Jonathan is the oldest Coleman and he is having woman problems.  Francine is his woman and she hasn't been the loyalest of girlfriends.  Joseph is the other brother headed for Europe and he is embarking on new love.  Marty is their cousin who is stationed in the Navy on the ocean.  Irene is the mama who is trying desperately to hang on to her little boys. 
This book is ok.  The characters are well developed, but there is no focal point in the plot.  The days pass and things are happening, but there is no main problem.  It's almost like a family journal.  There is some interesting research done and information included.  A WWII buff like myself would probably enjoy it, but the average person might find it a little boring.  I give it a C.  I received this book for free from www.librarything.com

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