Monday, June 24, 2013

Roosevelt Review

Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite presidents.  I had always thought his zest for life and go-get'em attitude was just the way he was.  I guess I was wrong.  "The making of Theodore Roosevelt" by Robert Louis DeMayo is a novel based on true to life events that tells the story of how Teddy went from being the snooty, wimpy, know-it-all to being the man we all know and love.  DeMayo follows Roosevelt from New York into the woods of Maine where he learned to care for himself and be a man.  His guide, Bill, and Bill's nephew Wilmot, take in Roosevelt and his two cousins to fish, hunt, and be manly.  Theodore keeps coming back.  He learned he was in his element.  An element he never knew existed. 
This book not only introduces the reader to the making of Roosevelt, but it also gives the reader and pleasant look at 19th Century Maine and the ways of living in the rough during those times.  At times I couldn't figure out why they were doing stuff; it sounded to me like a good way to die, but the men in the story found it to be a grand adventure.  I would think men would get more from reading this novel, simply because they would understand the whole do or die thing better.  The book is well written and well researched.  I wish the author had gotten inside Theodore's head a little more.  That is a personal preference.  I would give it a B+.  I received this book for free from the author through the website.

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