Friday, June 7, 2013

hope- the devotion

"Hope- Four Week Mini Bible Study" by Heather Bixler is a devotional/bible study designed to teach hope.  Bixler is a writer whose husband is battling health problems.  This is her book on finding hope for that fight.  Each week consist of an opening story, a daily exercise, and closing discussion questions.  The week has a focus bible verse.  The daily exercises are the writing and reading of the weekly verse.

I don't usually read devotions much, so as far as the subject matter I don't have much to reflect on.  Hope is just as good a subject as any to study for 4 weeks, I guess.  What I really loved was the daily exercises.  You start off writing the verse once and then pick up the number of times as the week goes on with it phasing off at the end of the week.  The verse may not be totally memorized, but it is recognized and learned.  I especially liked where you were to read it in three different versions that you usually do.  By the end of the week you really knew what the verse meant.  I liked this book.  Give it a B.  I received this book for free from the author through her facebook group, Free Books for Review.

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