Sunday, June 30, 2013

what a lake!

"Firefly Island" by Lisa Wingate is book #3 in the Moses Lake series.  These books do not need to be read in order to be understood and enjoyed.  I have read #2, but not #1.  Moses Lake is a very dramatically charged lake.  I have reviewed "Blue Moon Bay" and this is another politically dynamic novel.  The story centers on the same area and some of the characters intermix, but are not main characters or even side characters; they are mentioned.  Mallory is a working in DC when she meets Daniel on St Patrick's Day.  It is love at first sight.  Daniel, a single father, soon after the meeting, gets a job in Texas.  In a whirlwind romance and engagement, they are married and living in Texas with their son, Nick, two months later.  Mallory has a lot to learn about being on her own and living in the country.  The more she learns, the more she realizes that something is going on on Moses Lake.  She's just the woman to find out what.
This is a sort of Nancy Drew mystery for adults.  It's got romance, (step)parenting, farm life, small town affairs, you name it.  I really enjoyed this book.  This make two A books for Wingate and I will now be adding her to my list of must-read authors.  A-.  I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers.

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