Thursday, August 15, 2013

struggles review

"Struggles and Triumphs- Women who overcame" by Cynthia L. Simmons is a book of numerous women in history.  For instance: Kateryn, one of Henry VIII's wives, who found herself about to be arrested for speaking too freely to him about her faith and what she though that he should do about it politically.  Women in the 1540's were not normally educated and Kateryn was teaching her servants to read.  Kateryn was ahead of her time, but risked her life to do so.  Another woman was Louise who was Duchess of Coburg.  She had just found out that her husband, Duke of Earnest has an eye for the very young girls of the country.  She was seeking to escape her marriage, but was afraid not only for her reputation, but for her life.  Katie Luther, wife of Martin had a very different life.  Martin believed in Katie's knowledge and trusted her with the family finances and made the family quite wealthy.  This way they could continue to help the poor in Marin's community.  Martin meant so much to his students that they continued to study after his death and write a book on his teachings.  There are many more women, who are seldom mentioned in history books, but who changed the world for their faith in Jesus Christ. 
This book is an easy to read book for the reader who wants to have a basic knowledge of a few of the women of faith in hour history.  The famous men of our churches we know of, but their wives are basically unknown.  This book could be fleshed out easily and made much more interesting.  There is basically one event that is mentioned in each woman's chapter and it is evident that they could have told much more.  The author just gives us a taste with only 159 pages in the book.  Obviously it is a very quick read.  I would call it average, but could be a lot better with some fleshing out.  I received this book for free from the author through the website. 
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