Monday, August 5, 2013


July was very chaotic.  We had the county fair, Shriner's Bowl, husband went to NYC for a week, Fourth of July.  I had little time to do much, especially since the babysitter went to Masonic Band camp the same week that the husband/business owner went to NYC.  It was stressful!  I only read 7 books.  I need to kick it into gear.  I am seriously behind.  I even have taken on an assistant reviewer for awhile.  If you see CB that's her.  She has her own blog as well, but her children are grown so she's got time to kill.  Here is the list of July reads:
Running for my Life- Lopez Lomong
Fifth Assassin- Brad Meltzer
One Glorious Ambition- Jane Kirkpatrick
Buffalo Girls- Larry McCarthy
Rebekah- Jill Eileen Smith
Empty Glass- J.I. Baker
Scent of Lilacs- Ann H. Gabhart
Six were real, mostly from the library, and one was digital.  The best of the month was Lopez Lomong's autobiography with Buffalo Girls coming second.  Lomong isn't the best writer in the world but what a story.  And the dude is funny!  McCarthy's book is second because Calamity Jane is awesome and McCarthy can write! 

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