Saturday, August 31, 2013


Beautiful Fools- R. Clifton Spargo
When Mockingbirds Sing- Billy Coffey
Renegade- Mel Odom
Swept Away- Mary Connealy
South of Shiloh- Chuck Logan
 Blaze of Glory- Jeff Shaara
 Ruth- Darlene Schact
 Deliver Us From Evelyn- Chris Well
House of Tribulation- Chris Well
 Tattler's Branch- Jan Watson
A Wanted Man- Lee Child
This wraps up Summer. Read 11 books this month, 8 real and 3 digital. I was in a Battle of Shiloh mood since we will be visiting there soon. Probably won't read much next month. I will be taking a vacation and football has started at the high school. That's a lot of not reading.

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