Tuesday, August 13, 2013

women are always working

"Working Women of the Bible" by Susan Dimickele is a study of 15 women from the Bible. The author takes the women of all types and helps the reader to get insight from these long ago women. She starts with the first woman, Eve, who is a well known woman of the Bible- discusses her strengths and weaknesses as well as contrasting them with the traits of the modern woman. Ms Dimickele does not just discuss women of high reputation such as Mary, mother of Jesus, but also Jezebel a woman of questionable reputation. She contrasts Mary and Martha, pros and cons. Many studies look at Martha as the worker and Mary as the woman who takes the time to learn from Jesus, but this book looks into Martha as the woman willing to combine the two characteristics. This book looks at and studies all these women, and also has a sense of humor. She also looks at the way that modern women live their lives and how we can learn from the ancient woman of Biblical times. These women had the same dreams for their children that we have. These women had to balance their individual jobs with time spent listening to their mentor, Jesus, just as the modern woman needs to balance jobs and children with time spent learning from the mentors of our day. I liked reading and learning from the women of ancient times. Ms Dimickele does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the lives of the women and then showing the reader how their own lives can be enriched by the teachings of these mostly uneducated women. This author has shown in a new way the timeless quality of the Bible's teaching through the lives of these women. All women of the faith should read this book and they will enjoy it. I received this book from the publisher: Leafwood Publishers through a giveaway on www.interviewsandreviews.com. (Submitted by CB)

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