Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KCMO trilogy

The Kansas City Blues Trilogy consists of three crime booksby Chris Well: Forgiving Solomon; Deliver Us From Evelyn; and House of Tribulation. The books flow in order, but do not need to be read in order to follow. The books revolve around organized crime in Kansas City, MO and the police/Feds united force that brings them down. In "Forgiving Solomon" Solo, who is a contracted killer for the Catalano family has been working int he field since he was a young man. This is not his first kill; not even his first priest. However, it is the first psychological problem following a killing. Now every time he tries to finish his contract the priest keeps showing up and the Gideon Bible in his motel room keeps opening to the page that says, "Thou shalt not kill." Now matter what he does to the bible, it keeps coming back like a Ouija board. Now the mob is after him. "Deliver Us From Evelyn" follows the cops that were chasing Solo and their next case. Blake, a mega rich media dude is missing and his wife doesn't seem to care; that is until someone points that out and then she makes the cops' lives hell to make it look as though she does. "House of Tribulation" returns to the mob and the two thugs that are trying to squeeze money from the community. The local church thinks it has discovered the date and time of the end of the world. One man's path to distruction while he waits is followed as well. These are real page turners. Throughout the story line there are unexpected twists and turns that leave the reader wondering about what would happen next. They are Christian novels, but follow none of the rules. I love this author's character development. I love the twists. Especially when the mob puts pressure for money on the church and they tell them that they will have to take it to the board before they can ok a payment to the mob. These are funny, awesome books. Anyone would enjoy reading this series. I received this book for free from the author through Story Cartel.

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