Thursday, August 8, 2013

renegade review

"Renegade" by Mel Odom is book two of the Called to Serve series.  I haven't read book 1, and though it sounds good, it isn't necessary to read before this one.  In "Renegade", Pike, a low level criminal is in the witness protection program to testify against the killers of his best friend, Pete.  He has been there for three years.  Strangely, the witness protection has given him the most stability he has ever known and Pike isn't sure how he feels about that.  Pike is also in the Marine reserves.  In book 1 of the series, the main character is Bekah, who is Pike's partner while deployed in Afghanistan in book 2.  The book takes turns in focus chapter by chapter with Pike being the main character, but the reader is also introduced to Bekah and Yaqub, an al Qaeda leader.  Yaqub has kidnapped US CIA agents. The three characters become entangled in the war in Afghanistan.

I really liked this book.  It is well written, the characters are clear.  Pike, though a criminal is still a likable character that the reader becomes invested in. Macho is his middle name.  Yaqub is even humanized and clear.  I will be reading Book One to catch up and if there is a book 3, I'll read that one too.  B+.  I received this book from Tyndale Publishing.

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