Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bibles everywhere

Recently I received two bibles for free.  One was "The Voice Bible: Step into the Story of Scripture" which I received from http://www.thomasnelsonbibles.com/ through their Thomas Nelson Blog Bunch.  "The Voice" is the New Testament  told like a story.  It is still the New Testament in tact, but it adds a few words here and there to make the story flow more like a...well, a story.  The added parts are written in italics.  The dialogue is written in script format.  Making the vocal part stand out more.  The other bible was the "Life Application Study Bible:  New Living Translation" given by Tyndale's New Living Translation Facebook page.  This is the complete bible with a ton of notes, maps, you name it.  I like reading the Voice more, but for the bible study I am taking the NLT works out better.  The NLT is more accurate and deep so it is better for a studying, however, it is huge!  Heavy to carry around.  I'll keep and use both.  Recommendation?  If you are taking a class, using the book as a learning tool, wanting to go deeper with your knowledge and history, buy the NLT.  Want to read for pleasure and be close to God:  get the Voice.

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