Sunday, March 25, 2012

the eyes do more than follow you

Kathryn Hendrix is a modern woman living in New York in 1974.  She is independent, educated, and bored.  She recently gets dumped by her philandering boyfriend and takes off in one of those hissy-fit-in-the-rain moments.  She takes refuge in an art gallery and comes across the Elsingham Portrait of Nadine Elsingham.  Nadine in a woman with a past from 1775 England.  While looking at the portrait, Kathryn time travels to 1775 into Nadine's body.  Where Nadine went is anybody's guess.  Kathryn must try to keep from enduring the results of the mess Nadine has gotten herself into as well as escape the witch and 1775 superstitions. 
This book was written in the 1970's as a "Georgian Romance" novel.  I am guessing kinda like a harliquinn.  It is being re-released on digital format by the the author's family.  It can be a little corny in places (as any selfrespecting romance novel does), but it's actually a pretty good read.  It's not deep or going to make you think a whole lot, but it is pleasant and passes the time well.  It also has a lot of 70's pro-women issues being addressed, which is always good.  I received "The Elsingham Portrait" by Elizabeth Chater for free from

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