Wednesday, March 14, 2012

eyes of justice review

I love Lis Weil as an author.  I like this series a lot.  It does remind me a little too close of the James Patterson Women's Murder Mystery series, but it is good enough to stand on its own without being a copycat.  "Eyes of Justice" has the feel of a final book in this series.  It is the fourth in the series.  Haven't read the first one yet, but I have purchased it recently.  I'll get to it.  In this series, for those of you haven't read any of them, it involves three women who went to high school together, but were not friends at the time.  At their 10 year reunion they meet and discover that they are all three involved in the wheels of justice.  Cassidy is a crime reporter, Nic is an FBI agent, and Allison is a federal prosecutor.  The three form the Triple Threat Club. 
In this book Cassidy has been murdered and the prime suspects are connected to the police force that is involved with solving the case.  So it is up to Nic and Allison to solve the crime correctly.  Weil is also a, oh, I don't know what you'd call it, commentary(?) on Fox News.  My husband watches all the time.  So I know who she is. Weil goes into the problems of being a woman on the news in todays internet driven society.  \ Weil gives a peek into her world as a television caster and and how men (and therefore the producers) treat women who are television.  Its a bad, bad, world.  I highly recommend this book, actually, anything written by Weil. I received this book for free from

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