Monday, March 19, 2012

not this time review

"Not This Time" by Vicki Hinze is is the 3rd book in the Crossroads Crisis Center series.  It is a Christian fiction.  This book stars Beth and Sara.  Sara was orphaned as a teen and went to stay with Beth's, her best friend, parents.  As adults, the two have their own company that aids with the government to solve crimes.  I think.  This is not one of those books that you can read without having read the other two in the series.  The first several chapters were complete confusion trying to catch the reader up to what was going on.  It is a continuous series that must be read in order.  So if you are interested start off with her book "Forget Me Not".  However, this one is a very good thriller.  It starts off fast and goes fast to the end.  It is one that makes you WANT to read the other two, not because you need to, but because you can't stand the thought of not knowing what all is going on.
This book starts off with a party that has been attacked by a terrorist group and goes on with Sara's husband being kidnapped.  Beth is the prime suspect in the kidnapping.  Beth must solve the crime's before she is labled.  I received "Not This Time" for free from

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  1. I saw this book and wondered about it. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. :O)